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Frequently Asked Questions

Remote work at Logiqs

Thanks for sharing @marijn! Is fully online development or coaching also possible, for the people that don’t live in the Netherlands?

Although many of our teams are working remotely for a considerable part of the week, due to Covid regulations, we do prefer on-site team members.

Our offices are located in the same building as our production facility. For our team members it is highly beneficial to be close to our machines and -more importantly- to the people that build, test and commission our machines.

Relocation to the Netherlands

Do you support relocation to The Netherlands?

We are very inexperienced in this regard. This means we might not be able to move as quickly as we are used to doing. But we are very curious to find out how we can make this happen.


What do you build at Logiqs?

We build logistic and growing systems for greenhouses, warehouses, and vertical farms. Checkout the linked product pages for more information, or take a look at the playlist below:

Our software suite Dat-A-Control synchronizes all transport- and registration tasks for the machines in the system. It provides the users with an easy-to-use user interface. It provides integrators and fellow developers an API for automation of transport and registration.

For our state-of-the-art vertical farm growing system, we develop all climate control and grow registration software.

What does your software development stack look like?

We mainly target the .NET framework and write our code in C#. For data science and AI, we are Python oriented. We deploy to Windows Server and Raspberry PI. We have Windows Forms clients and web clients. Other keywords that might ring a bell: SQL Server, RavenDB, ELK, NHibernate, MassTransit, RabbitMQ, WCF.

We are always curious about exploring new technologies.


How do you work?

We work in mission oriented teams of 3 to 7 people. If you build the software, you run it. We develop in 8-week product cycles. A product cycle is broken down into 6 weeks of delivery and 2 weeks of cooldown. During delivery, teams work on delivering product increments. During cooldown, teams prepare the next delivery cycle. Software developers use the remaining time in the cooldown cycle in whatever way they like. All teams use an agile development process.

How often do you release?

Long story short: several times a week. We have a hard time to keep all our customers up-to-date with a recent version of our software. We are actively working on improving this and could use help in continuous delivery and quality assurance.